Tuesday, May 30th.  No meeting on the 30th in honor of Memorial Day.   May we never forget.
Tuesday, June 6th.  6:00pm Regular meeting at the Genesee Country Inn B&B.  Leon Perkins, Walt Mathias, and Pete Baldwin will bring us up to date on the "Disaster/Rehab Trailer" project.
Tuesday, June 13th.  6:00pm.  Update on Camp Haccamo and overview for new Rotarians by Lee Loomis.  Location: Genesee Country Inn B&B
Tuesday, June 20th.  Camp Haccamo berm clean-up.  Meet at the berm at the Sunshine Campus at 6:00pm (or as soon as possible).  Bring gardening supplies.  John Kyle will be bringing the mulch.  Our berm is over-run with weeds so there will be much to do.  Out to dinner after, a great evening of fellowship and service.
Tuesday, June 27th.  6:00pm Club change-over dinner at the Genesee Country Inn B&B.
Wednesday, June 28th.  4:00 - 7:00pm Serving BBQ hamburgers at the Scottsville Farmers Market.